Eat The Blue

Jagna Ciuchta’s work Eat the Blue is an exhibition in progress that is built and taken apart in organic, unpredictable ways. Its scenography is designed to incorporate the involvement of other artists and it evolves in rhythm with the introduction of their works.
Jagna Ciuchta invites some twenty artists to gradually take over the space that she will have arranged as simply as possible, with just a few blocks of raw white polystyrene. The artists are given carte blanche for this project—from medium to format to number of works, schedule, and installation, every aspect of their involvement is entirely up to them.
Jagna Ciuchta will then, in turn, transform the container that is this exhibition in response to the changes in its contents and according to its needs. She will build the necessary furniture from white parallelepipeds, paint the walls, modify the lighting, and so on.
The exhibition will be filled with work by the guest artists over the course of a few weeks, until reaching saturation or not. Neither curator nor scenographer, the artist establishes a protocol that aims to create an artwork in collaboration with the others.

This project is accompanied by photographic documentation and published on this website in stages.

Eat The Blue-RU#6