For those that do not have the pleasure of knowing you, can you talk a bit about where you are from? Where you live now? How long you have been a working artist and how you made your way into the art world?

I was born in the southern Alps in France, I grew up between the French Riviera and Paris, after a few years in Nice and Berlin, I now live in paris. I am an artist for 25 years. I do not have the feeling of being in the art world but I love Art and I teach it (if it means something).

In what ways did your surroundings, growing up, influence the music you create and your taste in art?

I grew up in a cultural and politicized environment rather paradoxical both surrounded by French eighteenth century objects and the spirit of political alternatives like Longo Maï.

Do you do any other sort of art or crafting or writing, etc…? Did you start out just drawing, and move to mixed media, or the opposite; or did you start out painting and evolve into other forms of expression?

I started drawing and painting, I had a degree in sculpture / installation but I did a bit of “sound” and  works around texts. It is almost always books that I use as engines. Today my installation work is closely related to painting as what could be the metonymy of Art.

Where do you go, what do you do, to find inspiration for your work? What is the general path you take to start on and complete a piece?

Moving is good for the brain. As I have already said a book, novel or essay, is often a good start too.

How do you work? Several pieces at one time? Do you complete a painting in just a few sessions? Do you like to work early in the morning? Late at night?

I’m still working several pieces at the same time and even several series simultaneously. Some parts are completed quickly, others need several years. I can work anytime in the day but I’m more in the morning.

When you are finished with a work, are you sentimental about it? Would you prefer to keep the work yourself?

sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do some of the paintings “fail”? If so what happens to those works?

They are left in the studio to find another destination or a new love.

What was your first piece of work that got a lot of attention?

My first solo show in the Art Centre – Villa Arson

What is your personal favorite project you’ve created so far?

DCIM and the other photobook I need to publish DSCN

*Point to Note*  DCIM highlights changes in the field professional photography since the emergence of digital technology, giving instant photography the place it deserves in the history. This is a collection of nearly 200 instant digital photographs in the form of a supermarket magazine, delivering a look at the world of digital crumbled individuals. The magazine examines, for example, new relationships emerged between individuals, now themselves produce their own content and distribute them massively on the canvas and the producers and professional publishers rolled by these upheavals.

How did you get involved with a gallery? How do you show your work if not in galleries?

I was asked several times at galleries without being associated. Meetings do much. I wish I had a serious gallery today. Anyone? haha

What upcoming artists do you like and why?

Lorraine Châteaux. She is smart and has a sense of humor keen enough.

What are you currently working on?

I continue to work on the series of “Has Been Devices”, “Universal Representation” and I’m testing around a cross-word like coded paintings  based on Edward Snowden’s revelations.

In a year from now, what do you imagine yourself working on?

Who knows… a customized surfboards series in Hong-Kong ?

What is something most people do not know about you?

That I’m easy going, shy and a very interesting artist haha

Where is the best place to go to keep up with you and news updates?

On my website but the best is to move to Paris in my studio or send me an e-mail. I’m never very far from a machine.


pointNoted’s Visual Artist of the week! – 2015