Run, Run, Run

When the Entreprise Culturelle has been invited to participate in the largest gathering of “artists-run-spaces” it seemed natural to all that the role of coordinator belong to me. First, because I was a member of The Station until 2008, then because I’m currently residing at Entreprise Culturelle and finally because I taught for many years at the Villa Arson where I, moreover, already mounted several exhibitions. Although this artist-curator role hardly enchants me as it adds trouble to those that I have, I accepted the task knowing I was going to meet many of my friends and I could count on a manager above reproach. Nevertheless it remained to make an exhibition … in an exhibition. So you find a set of works produced in the last years by a group of artists on site at the time of the invitation. It shows the essential: the sun, the butter and the sea. There is a question of abstraction and / or concreteness, landscape, light and geometry.. I thought of the Mediterranean, those who died there and those who reap the profits. I thought of a world that melt and that will make the Human a souvenirs finally giving way to the silent beauty.