Cory Scozzari

The work shown by Bouillion is part of an ongoing investigation of symbols and the historicization of artifacts. With an interest in the objects that hold history, fossils, coins, ceramic vases, Bouillion produces work that playfully interacts and replicates. With his recent coin paintings, made up of painted coins as dots on a canvas plane, individual ancient coins are painted almost as portraits. Money here serves as the ultimate representational tool within a culture, and is revisited and isolated as a formal object both as a coin and as painting. Similarly, as if projecting the existence of our disposable consumer objects into the future, Bouillion makes fossilized watches, televisions and cell phones that look as if they have just been unearthed thousands of years in the future as a rock remain. The works could be read perhaps as a warning about the precariousness of our material culture and the environmental implications in relation to deep time.