National Art Center – Nice – Villa Arson

Curator : Laurence Gateau

Corruption, corruption! That’s probably what let in immediately identify Julien Bouillon facilities, with the key to the emergence of some fundamental questions: how is it then that these goods rejoice as we end one day or the other by be out of date? But I thought it was unbreakable … sets out the little man before the corpse of Christmas puppy in 1987 … Near Death Experience, sitcom vanity, anxiety feel that the body is only a trap that closes on itself, so much so that it narrows and blister (as in other places, wrinkles paint, but less inexorably because it stops right beside it) are all reasons for Julien Bouillon. But beware ! Death is not THE issue. What is interesting here is what happens just before, when the body cries that the leaves do even a little, that body intubated, put in machine (engineered, will be said, as set plot) , imaged here and there, scattered in the post-clinical inventory of its doleful parties. (Google trad. 😉 )