Corporate Suite

Corporate suite, Digital – Any Mount, Any Size – NFT, 2006

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Corporate Suite by Julien Bouillon is a series of images of a new type of spam email which employ images and no text to fool spam blockers. This method of encrypting text in (mainly but not exclusively) images, coined Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart), is the same technology used on most account sign up pages now to verify that a person is creating an account and not a script on a server somewhere. Presented as art these algorithmically created images, created by a computer to foil others, become art exclusively for humans (as the text can only be understood by a human) however could be said to just re-present the originals, with no change of content ether in subject matter or method of presentation, and their purpose as adverts / spam. So this gives (very simplified):

* Conceived by computer -> Executed by computer -> Understood by humans

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